Drone Detection Services & Consulting

As consumer-grade drones have become extremely popular around the world, they’re presenting both unique and frequent threats to privacy, physical security and public safety in a wide variety of environments, including industrial and critical infrastructure, prisons, government facilities, airports, outdoor events and venues, military, homeland security, border control, real assets and executive protection.

What was once protected by high elevations, guard towers, physical barriers or other ground-based preventative measures has now become exposed and penetrable. As such, drone security should be on top of any organisation’s agenda that has a duty to protect the privacy and safety of those in which it is entrusted to do so.

Our Drone detection User Interface displays alert information and other critical sound and system data. A visual and audio interface delivers live readings from the sensors, providing real-time visibility to surrounding acoustic activity. Remote access to your sensors allows you to check statuses, view sensor information, respond to real-time alerts, and configure your system settings. The convenient browser-based monitoring application lets you view and controls your Drone detection activity from anywhere.



  • Far Reaching: Detect up to 2km
  • Convenient: Remotely configurable
  • User Interface Durable: Weather resistant
  • Accurate: Able to distinguish drone activity from common environmental noise sources at superior distances
  • Scalable: Platform is built on a back-end infrastructure that scales to any size
  • Immediate: Reports live, ongoing activity
  • Convenient: Can be accessed and configured remotely from any web browser, wherever there is Internet connectivity
  • Compatible: Easily integrates into existing security systems

Ideal for:

  • Prisons
  • Law Enforcement Airports
  • Data Centers
  • Government Assets
  • VIP & Executive Residences
  • Defence and Military
  • Sports and Concert Stadiums
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Film Productions
  • Security Interests
  • Special Events