We are delighted and proud with the progress we, and our partners COL8, have made in the coming months to provide an integrated Drone detection solution that is scalable for any city


Drone Detection Consulting & Services

As consumer-grade drones have become extremely popular around the world, they’re presenting both unique and frequent threats to privacy, physical security and public safety in a wide variety of environments, including industrial and critical infrastructure, prisons, government facilities, airports, outdoor events and venues, military, border control and executive protection.

As a result of this technological wave of threat, the EGS Technical leads went out to the technology market, coupled with its in-house development team, to provide an integrated Drone detection solution that can be configured to any industry vertical.

EGS are premier partners in the field of implementing fully iperational Drone detection systems in numerous industry verticals. Watch this space as we bring you the latest updates and how we are developing this technology and activity across Bristol City. Interesting to know that the first UAV incursion was detected within 25 minutes, of the system being installed, in a densley populated residential vicinity!

CAA regulations stipulate:

Consumer drones (classed as those that weigh under 20kg) must be flown no higher than 400 feet (120 metres), and be kept at least 50 metres away from people and private property, and 150 metres from congested areas and organised open-air assemblies of more than 1,000 people.

What is Unique About EGS…

  • We are not a two man team. We have a resource pool of over 500+ Security personnel
  • We have an established track record of providing a quality service within the Security industry and have done so for over 25 years+
  • We have fully qualified Counter Terrorism Team that consists of ex- Special Branch and Government Intelligent officers. We can assist and support your onsite team of Security team to providing the appropriate training
  • We have a fully qualified training arm that is sponsored by the Government Levy scheme to provide the appropriate level of training where required
  • We have a fully operational Service Management team to offer a Manager Service if required
  • We offer numerous packages for the DeDrone system
  • Lease option
  • Managed Service option
  • Buy outright
  • We have a fully qualified and accredited Cyber Security & Development team to stay ahead of any technological advances in the industry, and are also currently developing the system so that it can integrate to any SIEM system
  • We have an established record offering these services in the below verticals:
  • Football Clubs
  • UK International Airports
  • Government Prisons
  • Sports Stadiums
  • UK International Media companies